Show Me Your Way (Religious Detox – Day 3)

by davidputman | March 17th, 2011

Today I got up and sat in my favorite chair.  There was a chill in the air so I started a fire.  I pick up my journal and prayed,”Dear Father…show me your way.”  I sensed immediately the Father speaking to me.  Last night I read a blog that really captures what happens when you loose your religion and rediscover the simplicity of Jesus and his ways.  It was from a pastor I know in downtown Atlanta named Shaun King.  Shaun is a passionate young leader who is making a difference in many ways.  I first became aware of him when he blasted the conference we do on our blog.  This lead to a conversation and later an invitation to speak at our conference.  I am so proud of what Jesus is doing in his heart.  It connects so much with what I see for the church.  Make sure you read his post, It’s True: I’m preaching my last sermon series at Courageous Church.

Back to my morning…the minute I ask our Father to show me his way he spoke.  I thought of Shaun’s blog.  It was as if the Father said, “I have already spoke to you.”  I went back to the blog and read through it again only this time slowly.  I am so encouraged by what I hear.  Like Shaun you don’t have to do it his way or this way, but God help us to become more like Jesus as individuals and I’m convinced as we do our churches will transform as well.  I know they will.  Our churches are a reflection of who we are.  They are probably the clearest reflection of who we are.

I’m not trying to teach you something this morning for today I became the student once again.  However, here is what I want you to see.  When you ask God to show you his way, he will and he does.  Expect in this religious detox to see God more clearly, hear him louder, and understand him in ways that you previously hadn’t.  God is beginning to be so loud after two days of religious detox.  No, I’m beginning to listen and watch more for him.

Today’s DETOX

  • If you are just getting your book read “getting started” and chapter 1.  I’m reading chapter 2, but part of detoxing is not moving to fast.  You will have time to catch up over the weekend.  We will take time to catch up and reflect on Saturday and Sunday.
  • Read chapter 3 of Matthew.
  • Read this blog (daily).
  • Read Shaun’s Blog Post.
  • Ask God to “Show you his way”.
  • Journal what he is showing you through his word, my book, and in life experiences.
  • Encourage others by commenting on my blog, twitting, and facebooking.

12 Responses to “Show Me Your Way (Religious Detox – Day 3)”

  1. Though I am here for the first time, this post is kind of a back-to-our-glorious-basics teaching. I like that, especially about “rediscovering the simplicity of Jesus”!

    How beautiful and liberating it is really to walk and live with Jesus! No defense, no masks, no performance – He knows us… and we are coming to know Him more, day by day.

    Thanks David for the post.

  2. Shaun’s post blew me away. He is doing exactly what religious detox is all about and I can’t help but cheer him on! I can’t wait to see what he does in Atlanta and I hope it spreads like wildfire.

  3. Thanks for letting me know about Shauns blog. The last thing i want to be a part of is “one big mouth”. …. and so much time, energy and money spent on “the machine” . i’ve been so guilty… God will you show me YOUR way?…that’s my prayer. -tp

  4. This book and 30-day process is helping me in many ways. Like you, David, I identify myself most closely with the Pharisees, although I like to think that I don’t share their legalistic perspectives. But if I’m going to choose a group that most closely reflects me, that would be it. I’d say that the same is true of most of us.

    And what about Shaun? Wow! Now, THAT is a bold, bold step to take. I’ll be watching eagerly – I’m interested to see how things scope out for him and his ministry staff after Easter.

    And for me? I learned a powerful lesson this morning. This is my “quiet” time to detox, talk to the Lord, do my various other daily Bible reads, and basically be “at peace”. The problem?…

    It’s spring break for the public K-12 school system in my county, and today I’m home with our youngest (Emma, 6). I’m sitting in my kitchen. The dishwasher is going full tilt about 3 feet to the left of me. The breadmaker is cranking away on the counter. I can hear the TV in the living room (gotta entertain that young one, even though she’s not watching it). Instead, she’s playing with the dog’s squeak toy. Then the phone has rung twice during my “quiet time” and I’ve had to send a couple of text messages as a result.

    It hit me quite hard that this is hardly what qualifies as “quiet” time. But how to escape? I could switch off my phone, but it’s a work day. The first call was from an electrician fixing our sanctuary air conditioning – gotta take that call. The second call is from the lead pastor – my boss – complaining that there’s no one at the office to answer the phones (apparently both secretaries are out today). Gotta take that call. Then, as I am writing this post – just now – the phone rings again!

    What’s the solution? Get up in the middle of the night? Help!

    • Chris, I can really relate. I get up really early most days so I don’t run into that problem. Usually around 4:30 to 5:30 am. It’s not that I’m disciplined, I’m not I just can’t sleep these days. I think I have a lot on my mind. Anyway it helps. However, if that is not you don’t force yourself. Go with your natural bent and the good news is spring break is only one week. Today I went for an hour hike to enhance my time alone with God. When I got back my back glass was shattered. Not sure what happen, but my computer was still in my car. Call the glass man and $500.00 later it will be repair first thing. Oh well, grateful I have the $500.00. All I’m saying it is a battle…its life. I think its cool that you even noticed that the noise.

  5. This questions has been going through my mind and heart all day: (Q) What is the difference between living as if heaven is somewhere out there and living as if heaven is right here, right now? After, really thinking about how I would answer that I concluded the following;

    (A) It is a matter of prospective. If we are living for heaven out there somewhere it becomes detached and distance. It is becomes something we can ignore when it is convenient for for us, or when we don’t feel like focusing on the heavenly relationship that Jesus has for us. However, when it is in the here and now, it becomes part of us when we embrace it. Our prospective of where heaven is in terms of “relationship” will determine how we will live out our lives within the context being “in” Christ and living for Christ.

    What do you all think? Do you agree or disagree? I would love some feedback on my answer please.

    • Living as heaven is out there is part of our perspective. One day we will be with Jesus in heaven. However, if we fail to realize Jesus’ prayer, “May your kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven”. We miss something very important. Jesus came to redeem his world. What was lost in Eden he longs to see take place right now in our churches, businesses, neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, and relationships. The truth is everywhere we go we should take a little heaven with us. We bare his image. We are “salt & light”. There is so much more to come. Keep reading and posting. d

  6. Hi everyone… just a suggestion but please tag any tweets you might make in connection with this journey with the hashtag #religiousdetox. It’ll make interesting reading at the end of 30 days!

    • religiousdetox says:

      Good word…Let’s use #religiousdetox as our hastag and if you don’t have a twitter account…go to and sign up for a free account and follow me at @religiousdetox.

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